In order to participate in Rebate Mama Product Testing, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Once you are added to a product group chat, you must read the directions located at the top of the chat and follow them exactly!

  2. You may only order 1 item per seller every 45 days and no more than twice ever.

~ We give the seller's name in each product's group chat so you can search that name in your Amz order history search bar before ordering. You may also NEVER order the same product twice.

  1. You may not return items to Amz. If you do, then your Paypal refund will be reversed and you will be banned from the group.

~ If you ever have an issue with a product, please let an admin know so we can help fix the issue. (Yanie, Annette, Rebate Mama).

  1. You may only order 2 review items per day and 5 per week max!

  2. If you have a refund issue or an issue with a product, please message Admin Yanie to discuss the issue. Please tag her in chat to let her know that you private messaged her. (

  3. You must respond when tagged in chats or you will no longer be added to chats.