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Question: How many items can I order from your group per week? How about per day?

Answer: 2 per day max and 5 per week max

Question: What is a Paypal fee (PP fee)?

Answer: When you receive a refund/rebate by Paypal, then paypal will take a small fee but luckily we cover that fee for you by sending an extra dollar or so in your refund. If the paypal fee is not covered for some reason then it will say in the post that PP fee is not covered. Otherwise, it will be covered.

Question: How often can I order from the same seller? (This is referring to the "sold by" on Amz)

Answer: Every 45 days but not more than twice.

Question: How do I know if I have already ordered from that seller within the past 45 days?

Answer: You can search the sellers name in your order history search bar on Amz. The seller's name is usually given in the post and is always given in the chat so you can check.

Question: What do I do once I am placed into a Telegram chat?

Answer: Read the directions and then wait for an admin to tag you and tell you that you may order.

Question: When will I receive my rebate?

Answer: Usually within 48 hours of the item being shipped/received.

😊 If you have not received your refund within 5 days of delivery Please click this form and follow the steps: http://bit.ly/Refund_Issues

Question: I need help. Who do I contact?

Answer: You can contact Yanie or Rebate Mama. Please go to your chat in Telegram and message @Yanie_deVenecia (t.me/Yanie_deVenecia).

You can also message Yanie on Facebook: Click Here