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The Process:

  1. Each day we post several products in our group in need of Product Testing.

  2. To sign up to Test and Keep a product, all you have to do is comment that you're interested or comment your TELEGRAM USERNAME on the product's post. (You'll need to download the Telegram Messenger App and create a Username if the post asks for your Telegram Username. Otherwise, the chat is just on Facebook Messenger. Here's info on how to download Telegram: Click Here )

  3. We'll then 'Like' your comment once you've been added to the Facebook Messenger or Telegram group chat.

  4. Once you're added to the Facebook or Telegram chat, you'll order the product on Amazon using the directions provided at the top of the group chat.

  5. You'll then fill out a short form in the chat with your PayPal email/order number and we'll refund you through Paypal.

  6. You'll review the product on Amazon 5-7 days after receiving it and post a screenshot of your live review in the Product's Group Chat.

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🌻Easy, right? In my first 3 months of product testing, I got over $1,000 worth of products, for FREE! Personally, I stockpile them and give them as gifts if I don't have an immediate use for them. You are also free to sell them on FB Market Place or donate them.

βœ… Head back to the post and comment 'Read' once you've read this post and are ready to start getting some free stuff!