You may wonder WHY and HOW we are able to giveaway tons of free products each day. Rebate Mama Product Testing works closely with hundreds of brands across several large ecommerce platforms. Our Online Product Influencers provide valuable feedback, brand awareness and exposure to countless products each month by writing short evaluations of the products they sign up to receive. In return, our influencers get to keep all the products they test.

So... How do you get these Free Products, you ask?

  • Everyday we post items in need of testing in our Facebook Freebie Group. The posts look like this:

Within each Freebie Post we provide you with the following info:

  1. The product in need of testing and a picture of it.

  2. We let you know you will receive a full refund for the product price via Paypal after the item ships from Amazon. All products are full refund unless stated otherwise. Full refund/rebate means that the cost of the product is refunded and Paypal fees are covered. The rebate does not cover any sales tax your state may or may not impose unless it is specifically stated in the post that tax is covered.

  3. Comment your *Telegram Username* if you are interested in being added to the Telegram Product Group Chat where we will provide directions on how to order the product on Amazon and get refunded via Paypal.

(Directions on downloading the Telegram app are below).

  • Please set our group notifications as 'All Posts' so you never miss a freebie opportunity! We post all items on our group and only some on our website. So following the group is very important.

  • So, the first line of business is downloading the Telegram app if you don't already have it. It's similar to Whatapp/Facebook Messenger but WAY more secure!

Downloading Telegram:

  1. In order to participate in this group you MUST download the free messenger app Telegram. You can find it by searching the name 'Telegram' in your app store. Telegram is an extremely secure and safe app and number one in consumer privacy, which is why we use it.

  2. You MUST make your account name the same as your Facebook name. You need this @Username so we can tag you in chats.

  3. Your username should also be the same as your Facebook name and in the following format @Firstname_Lastname. Example: @Jane_Smith (If your username is already taken then just add a number to the end) Example: @Jane_Smith88

  4. You can edit your username under settings within the app.

  5. Here are more detailed directions with pictures on how to Download Telegram:


  1. You may only order from each seller once every 45 days and not more than twice ever. (We will give you the seller's name in the chat directions so you can search the seller's name in your Amazon order history search bar.)

  2. You may ONLY order 2 items per day from us maximum and 5 items per week from us maximum. This is across all groups/admins. The week runs from Sunday to Sunday.

  3. Sellers do not cover tax or any shipping costs. Shipping is free if you have Prime or if your order is over $25. Refunds are issued after the product has shipped from Amazon.