Freebie Recruiting

Sample Recruiting Post Below:

*Recruiting Side Note: I find it I have the most success recruiting people when I don't post the group link in the main post and instead I reply to each comment. The more comments on the post, the more people FB will show the post to as it is seen as 'relevant' and 'trending' in the the FB algorithm.

🌸 Who likes Free Stuff?? 🌸

♡ Is anyone interested in joining a Freebie Product Testing Group? It's pretty much a bunch of free stuff being given away by different companies to promote their products and brands.

♡ Comment below if you're interested and would like more info and I'll tag you with the details. (No, this is not some weird scam! It's just a really awesome way to get free stuff)

Are you interested in helping us recruit? If so, please join our Recruiting Group here: