How does it all work?

Product Testing is Easy!

All you have to do is:

  1. Comment on the Facebook post of the item you want here in our FB group

  2. You'll then be added to a directional FB group chat on FB Messenger

  3. In the chat we'll explain how to:

- Order the product from Walmart/Ebay/Amz

- Get refunded via Paypal after your order ships (Usually within 48 hours)

  1. Evaulate and keep the item for free

👉 IMPORTANT: Message Annette or Yanie "Freebies" to get connected on Facebook, if you haven't already, so they can add you to FB group chats

⭐️After you've read this, go back to our group and scroll the posts and comment on the posts of the items you like to test and keep!

🌷 If you are in the 'Daily Freebies' Fb Messenger group chat then please only 'react' to messages the admins post by holding down on the message and picking the 'thumbs up or heart' sign. We're trying to keep the chat clutter free. Feel free to mute the chat and we'll just tag 'everyone' when we post new products to the chat. Thanks!

FB Freebie Group Chat: