Product Testing is Easy!

⭐️ Order, Get Refunded, Evaluate Item = Tons of Free Stuff ⭐️

👉 First, comment on the Facebook post of the item you want here in our Facebook group AND message Admin Annette the name of the product you want to test so she can send you the products chat link.

👉 Then, you'll be added to a directional  FB group chat on FB Messenger.

In the chat we'll explain how to:

- Order the product from Walmart/Ebay/Amz 

-  Get refunded via Paypal after your order ships (Usually within 48 hours)

👉 Last Step: Evaluate the item 7 days after receiving it in the mail and then keep the item for free.

🙋‍♀️ IMPORTANT: Message Admin Annette the word, "Freebies", to get connected on Facebook, if you haven't already, so she can add you to the FB group chats you're interested in. 

⭐️After you've read this, go back to our group and scroll the posts and comment on the posts of the items you like to test and keep!

✅ Also, Join our FB Freebie Group Chat: Click Here

🌞 Side Notes: